Powerful Prayer For Small Business Owners that works perfectly


If you are just starting a business, this prayer will be quite helpful. Also, if your business is not as successful as you would like, this prayer will bring God’s assistance. Many people begin a business with a lot of hope. But after a while, the difficulties fill him with worry, tension, and anxiety.

This Prayer For Small Shop Owners not only brings business success, but it also helps you reduce tension and believe in God’s mercy. This prayer is more than a request for assistance. However, it is also an expression of appreciation for the opportunity that God has bestowed upon you.

As a result, this prayer will assist you in fructifying and multiplying your business. This Prayer For Small Business Owners is an excellent approach to request God’s protection and blessing for your .

Prayer For Small Business Owners

You will fast for three days previous to the day you will begin your business. Then take your anointing oil and kneel down facing East, praying the following powerful prayer:

“Dear Lord, thank you for the chance to own a small business,

Help me, please God, to make my business successful and abundant.

Give me the strength to lead my business with courage and responsibility.

Please God, bless me with new opportunities and offers to grow my business,

Dear God, help this business to fructify and flourish. Send four powerful Angels to carry my business on their shoulders so that it does not break down prematurely.

Help me to create good opportunities for those working in this business,

And to show them how hard work will help us all grow. 

Please Lord, give me the wisdom and energy to lead my business responsibly,

In the name of Jesus Christ.”


After saying this potent prayer, go ahead and anoint the four corners of your business location. Then, as soon as you open your doors for business, witness God’s miracles.

You will be able to expand your and recognize advantageous chances with the help of this potent prayer for small business owners. As often as you can, repeat this prayer. God will grant you the knowledge necessary to succeed in business. When you are struggling, say this prayer. Additionally, when you launch a new business.

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