PRESEC Must Apologize To NSMQ Organizers


A journalist and a former Manager at Airtel Ghana Raymond Ablorh asserted that, Legon PRESEC must apologize to the organizers of the National Science and Maths quiz for their wrong accusation.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Tuesday, 11th October 2022, he wrote;

“If PRESEC truly had genuine issues with the finals of NSMQ last year which, weren’t satisfactorily remedied, why are they participating this year? It means they had no case. And, the school must apologize to the organisers.”

He argued that had they a strong case, they wouldn’t participate, because, whether the school participates or not, everybody knows PRESEC is a good school that needs no validation from NSMQ organisers. 

I am not supporting them this year for their valueless and unprincipled position. No society can see meaningful change and improvement when educational institutions are so weak they seek validation so much that they can’t stand for what is right. 

Raymond added that school was wrong, they must come out and admit boldly that they’re wrong because, their position affected the credibility of the contest. 

“Of course, I attended PRESEC but I don’t support valueless and unprincipled characters and positions.” He said.

He concluded that things like this may look insignificant but they reveal the moral build-ups of our children in school. We must insist on what is right and true, and not just follow fame and money.


During the finals of the NSMQ in 2021, Prempeh College representatives got their smart board locked when they were working their problem of the day. As a results extra minutes was given to them and they were able to solve it correctly. They eventually emerged the winners.

PRESEC accused the NSMQ organizers of intentionally allowing Prempeh students to go scot free and hence their unfairness and bias. They believe it was intentionally done and must not have been heeded.

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