Roland Walker Finally Responds To Mutarla’s Demands To Apologize


Today, Tuesday, October 11, 2022, Roland Walker filled in for Johnnie Hughes on TV3’s The Big Issue. The presentation, which featured Murtala Mohammed, the MP for Tamale Central, Bernard Mornah, the former Chairman of the People’s National Convention, and Ernest Kumi, the NPP’s candidate for Akwatia’s parliamentary seat, was moderated by Roland.

The four people talked about issues with school meals and Agradaa’s legal processes. Murtala Mohammed and Ernest Kumi could be heard arguing while Bernard Mornah addressed concerns about Kumasi traders closing their stores. Bernard had to ask the pair whether they were done talking at one point before continuing.

Roland Walker then informed Murtala that he would not have the opportunity to comment on the Kumasi traders boycott story as a result of his interruption. There is a tremendous conversation, Roland Walker stated as he attempted to start a fresh conversation on Agradaa.

“I know you are a very stubborn man. You will add your opinion on this”. Before Roland Walker could complete, though, Murtala Mohammed became irate at the host’s characterization of him as recalcitrant on live television. He questioned the justification for that. He demanded that the comments be taken back.

Roland Walker clarified that he didn’t intend any harm. He explained that he meant to say that Murtala Mohammed is a firm man who obstinately states his point of view on issues without giving a damn what other people think. Ernest Kumi of the NPP questioned why Roland Walker had to apologize because he felt Murtala Mohammed is indeed stubborn.

Because he believed Murtala Mohammed was truly stubborn, Ernest Kumi of the NPP questioned why Roland Walker had to apologize. Roland Walker then apologized and retracted his comments as Murtala became agitated. Murtala Mohammed was then asked for his thoughts on how some so-called prophets of God are fooling innocent people in the name of nation.

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