UK arrests 17-year-old hacker, likely to be behind Uber and GTA 6 hack


City of London Police announced via tweet that a 17-year-old was arrested in Oxfordshire reportedly in connection with two high level hacks.

He was arrested following investigations by the UK National Cyber Crime Unit and FBI.

The suspect cannot be named as he is still a minor.

Early this month, Uber suffered an embarrassing breach of their digital systems.

An individual was able to gain access to their cloud service accounts, certain databases, and their virtual working platform Slack, where the hacker announced their presence and interacted with staff.

This was followed days later by a leak of information from games company Rockstar, who are the developers of cultural phenomenon Grand Theft Auto.

The leak consisted of video footage from a still in-development version of GTA 6, which has not yet been announced officially.

The hacker who leaked the footage, going by the name ‘TeaPotUberHacker’ on forums, claimed to be the same individual responsible for the Uber breach.

This individual also spoke to various news outlets, and claimed to the New York Times to be 18 years old.

In March of this year, the City of London Police reported the arrest of a minor in connection with the Lapsus$ hacking and data extortion group, alongside the arrest of six others aged 16 to 21.

This arrest also took place in Oxfordshire, leading to conclusions that these two arrests are likely to be the same individual.

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