Under This Government $1 Is Equal To GHC11 – Capt Smart Fires Over Cedi Depreciation


If Ghanaians are to hold Politicians to account for their stewardship, the country would have been better off than what is today. The name-calling, heckling, and accusations of incompetence against the erstwhile government of John Mahama gave Ghanaians the confidence to vote for this Nana Addo government.

Like lamb to the slaughter, the masses believe in the campaign promises of this government and massively voted them into power. The impression created about the economy, cedi depreciation, and corruption of the previous government instilled hope in the masses for a better Presidential material who would change things.

Sadly, the country is in a sorry state now and those who promised the moon while they were in opposition, have begun to talk differently concerning the Ghanaian currency.

According to Captain Smart, this government deserves the ‘incompetent’ tag they gave to former President John Dramani Mahama and this particular government has failed terribly.

Speaking this morning on his usual rantings, the morning show host of “Onua Maakye” advised the electorates of Kumasi to wise up and eschew extreme political partisanship. This follows the closure of certain shops of traders in the municipality because of tax collections.

“One dollar during incompetent Mahama’s time was close to five cedis, one dollar is now eleven cedis forty-two pesewas. If all is well, why are shops in Kumasi closed,” he concluded?

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