Video: Agradaa church member who was scammed 500ghc speaks, tells all that happened


Agradaa church member who was scammed 500ghc speaks,

Accusations have been making the rounds online that Reverend Mama Pat., also known as Nana Agradaa, the newest self-proclaimed lady of God in town, is perpetrating a fraud on her congregation.

Because of this, a slew of horrific videos showing grieving churchgoers blaming themselves began circulating online Tuesday, prompting widespread outrage.

The Ghana Police Service has issued a statement saying that it is prepared to launch an inquiry into the aforementioned matter, and it has asked that anybody with information on the matter come forward at the Accra Police Headquarters.

A tape seen has an interview with a victim of the fraud, who details the beginnings of their ordeal.

According to him, Agradaa advertised that she would pay the dues of any new members who attended her monthly all-night session.

His account suggests that many people contributed all they had since she made it obvious that the quantity of one individual’s donation would decide the amount she would give that person.

She had vanished after the event ended and couldn’t be located. Upon her absence, the majority of the worshippers threw all their money into an offering bowl without giving any thought to how they would go back home.

In the voice of the man in the video you are about to watch, he gave his 500ghc as offertory with higher hopes that Nana Agradaa will double it for him but sorrow became his portion as he lost everything.




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