Watch: Amazed South African shares video showing how waste is collected in Turkey


Durban – A South African citizen currently on holiday in Turkey has shared his amazement at how waste is collected from city streets.

Zain Soosiwala, active member of the greater Durban community, told IOL that he never would have thought that dirt would have been one of the highlights of his trip.

Soosiwala is also the administrator of the eThekwini Secure social media handle, which shines a light on service delivery challenges affecting city residents.

The Durban resident shared a video of a truck with a crane attached to it while the driver operated the crane via a remote control.

The truck was parked on the road while the crane reached over a line of cars to get the bin.

The crane was picking up the bin, with a catchment system at the bottom which sits inside the pavement, and dropped the dirt inside the truck.

“I’m gobsmacked,” Soosiwala said.

“This guy just pulls out a controller and he just lifts up this bin with its catchment at the bottom. He just carries it over the vehicles, confident that it’s not gonna overload, and he perfectly places it into the truck.

“He does it like it’s nothing. People are walking past and not even batting an eyelid. This is just normal,” he said.




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