Why You Are Destroying Your Eardrums


The ear is a part of the human body. It is purposely used for hearing sounds. Before anybody can hear anything that someone else say properly, that person must first of all have a healthy and sound eardrums.

Also, every human being has two different ears. One at your right side of your head and the other at your left side of your head. Medical research reveals that all the two different ears that a human being has, contain an eardrum.

Meaning that in every ear there is an eardrum and it is one of the major reasons why every human being living on earth can hear a noise, conversations and a sound.

The eardrum is a part of the ear that is found inside the ear. Eardrum is the membrane of the middle ear, which vibrates in response to sound waves. The eardrum helps human beings to hear correctly when there is vibration of sound waves.

Meaning if the sound waves hit on the eardrum and there is no vibration, then you will definitely have problems with your hearing. This difficult hearing problems come, after staying very close to an explosion, and also listening to loud music for a very long time.

I mean to say that, really loud noises, like an explosion or listening to loud music can make sound waves that are strong enough to damage the eardrum. So stay away from loud noises.

Loud noise can also cause temporary or permanent damage to the cochlea. It can also give double work to the various hair cells in the ears, which can cause the cells to die. The hearing loss continues to progress as long as you continue to listen to the loud noise.

My fellow readers and viewers, you see we are sometimes responsible for our own hearing problems. So please, lets do ourselves no harm again by staying away from loud noises. You can choose to stay close to noise for a very short time, but please make your health your priority and stay away from it and I believe you will be safe from most of the ear health problems.

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