Woman Sadly Tells How Her Husband had Affair With Another Lady And Got Her Pregnant Four Years Ago


A 47-year-old mother of four named Appiah, a resident of Tarkwa recounted how her husband had an affair with another lady and got her pregnant after he travelled to work four years ago. According to the woman, she married her husband Anthony Amoateng in 1995. The man works in a mining site at their neighbouring town and she too is a seamstress and trader.

The woman said the two of them supported each other in the upbringing of their four kids. Anthony used traveled to other mining site and spent three weeks before he returned home. One day, she noticed that her husband had gone over a month without calling him to inquire about their welfare, but when he finally came home, the man revealed to her that he had slept with another lady at his workplace and even got her pregnant.

Anthony again begged her to allow him to take this lady as a second wife to prevent the lady’s parents from harassing him. Mercy claims she did not agree with her husband’s decision, and even advised him to bring the child to her after the lady gave birth, but he still insisted on marrying her. Because she did not allow him to proceed with the marriage to the sidechick, the man changed his behavior towards her, and stopped visiting them or even paying for their children’s fees.

A few months later, Anthony threatened her family that if she does not allow him to marry a second wife, she will die instead and leave the children in this world behind. Due to this threat to their families had a meeting to solve their marital problems, Anthony admits that he has not cared about them for the past two years, and also pleads with her to forgive him.

Mercy added that she accepted her husband’s apology, but disagreed with him about his marriage to his sidechick. But he got annoyed and left the house without returning for months. The mother said Anthony again disclosed to her family that he is no longer interested in their marriage, so he gathered his things and left the house they had worked so hard to build. The woman is now pleading with her husband to come back to her.

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