American Prisoners Won’t Even Eat This Bad Food Served The Free Senior High School Students – Kevin Taylor


Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor is a prolific journalist because he is well abreast with issues in Ghana even in the USA. He is a force to reckon with in the media space due to his unique presentation of the news and informs his audience with up-to-date development of national issues.

Once again, the gentleman hosted his “With All Due Respect” program on Loudsilence TV with belligerence and didn’t mince words about the sort of tribal politics ongoing in certain regions. He lambasted the electorates who vote on tribal lines and urged them to wise up.

He switched his attention to a video that usually is making rounds on social media which showed students at the dining hall about to enjoy their meal. Sadly, the food consisted of a soup with a single fish and “gari,” a local dish prepared with cassava.

According to Kevin, this is an eyesore and indicated that even prisoners in the united states of America are fed better than these students who are enjoying the free senior high school policy by the government.

A photo of the food served to inmates in the US was shown and compared to that of the students. Kevin reprimanded politicians and asked if any of their children attend these schools and are malnourished like this.

You can watch the video here.

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