Are You Sure This Is A Brand New Car?; Ghanaians React To This Picture


It is said that a hardworking man deserves big pay. It is, however, not surprising that the winner of Ghana’s Strongest was promised a brand-new car and other prizes. Prosper Dakora has ”fought a good fight” and deserves his blessings.

On Wednesday,12th October 2022, TV3 Ghana posted a picture of Prosper Dakora as he was presented with his “brand new car” as part of the prize package for winning the competition. TV3 must be applauded for providing such an asset to the winner.

We hope that the champion will also attract several brands from all over the world. Athletes such as Prosper Dakora, have what it takes to increase the goodwill of the country.

Prosper Dakora has not complained about his “brand-new car”. Is it not better to receive this car than to be given nothing at all? Is the platform provided by TV3 not an advantage to reach greater heights?

Why do some people think that the promise of getting him a brand-new car has not been fulfilled?

It is important to note that TV3 deserves to be applauded for transforming or impacting its athletes. Is it fair for Ghanaians to poke into whether the car is brand new or not?

Does every brand-new car deserve to have plastic rubber covering the seats? Is TV3 not doing well by organizing such competitions with its own funding means?

How many media stations can venture into the ordeal of pushing such a sporting event?

Interestingly, some Ghanaians could not keep calm after they took a closer look at the red car.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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