Black Sherif explains rationale behind name for debut album; ‘The Villain I Never Was’


Rapper, Black Sherif, has explained the rationale behind the name of his debut album, ‘The Villian I Never Was’.

Speaking on Luv FM on Wednesday, he disclosed that throughout his life, he has been consistently perceived as a bad person, even when he had done no wrong.

According to him, this narrative became widespread and soon he also started seeing himself that way.

The ‘Second Sermon’ hitmaker said these circumstances influenced his decision to name his debut album ‘The Villain I Never Was’.

“For some time, I thought I was the bad guy and people thought I was the bad guy, but sitting and being at peace with my soul I realised I am not the bad person in my story and other people’s stories. Mostly, I don’t even care about what people say. I need to have peace with myself.

What someone thinks about me I can’t do anything about it, but I can control how I feel about myself”, he told DJ Reuben, host of DriveTime on Luv.

Explaining the motivation behind the name of the album, he further indicated that, it took him over a year to arrive at the said decision.

“I really do not care about external battles, so I love to blame myself a lot. Whatever happens, I blame myself, because if I blame somebody, how do I then settle it? I don’t know what they are thinking, but if I blame myself, I know I have to make peace with myself and keep going”, he added.

The rapper further described his new album as his autobiography, noting that he used the album to chronicle some salient events in his life.

“There are songs that didn’t make it here. I have been working, recording a bunch of songs, dropping them trying to find out what I really want for this debut album.

I wasn’t just trying to get an album because I have to drop an album. So, I needed to mark my memories, talk about my life and make this album my autobiography”, he concluded.


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