Ghanaians Massively As Onua TV Drops This Picture On Social Media


Is it not said that hard work does not break bones, it builds them? So why are some hard workers saddled with challenges or dangers?

Why should a farmer set off to work and be trapped in a rat hole?

This is not funny or exciting at all. It is very sad. Onua TV posted the picture of a 64-year-old man who went hunting for rats after he harvested his cocoa.

Interestingly, the man survived despite being trapped for 3 days. He would have died in the rat hole but eventually came back alive.

Is this not an overly unfortunate moment for the man and his family to miss the cocoa farmer for three days?

Can you imagine the joy of Ghanaians that the man was not dead despite not being fed with food or drinking water? How then did he survive in the dark hole for three days? Is this not a miracle?

This must certainly be the help of God that the 64-year-old man is still alive after all that he went through.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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