Here Is How Phone Radiation Works And It’s Effects On Human Health.


Phone is one of the common device which is used by most people day in and day out, however the more the phone is trying to connect to the network, the more radiation it pumps out.

Sometimes you may feel your phone heat up in your hand when you are making a phone call in an area with poor network. It is really going all out to try to locate the network and connect you.

So phone radiation is essentially how the phone connect to the internet, it is a big factor in the amount of radiation your phone your phone give off. When network coverage is low and there is a poor signal the phone works much harder to connect, putting out much higher radiation.

Phone radiation leads to stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances and relationship issues. So prolong usage of mobile phone may not good for your health.

So here is how phone radiation works and it’s effects it’s effects on humans.

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