Here Is Why You Should Not Let Your Dog Lick Your Face


A man’s companion can be a dog, as they are very loyal to their masters. And could also be one’s closet friend. Compared to people, dog’s only know how to be friendly to their owners and they don’t betray them as well. That is why most people own dogs, not only to guard and protect them.

The feeling of arriving home knowing that they’re always happy after seeing you, and will always welcome you with enthusiasm is much exhilarating. Naturally, dog’s like to lick the faces of people they like. That is their way of sharing a bond with you.

Although it might seem okay at the moment, you need to also be cautious about them licking your face. Their saliva and pathogens can be absorbed by the mucous membrane when they come into contact with either the mouth, nose or even open wounds, and could result in an infection.

It is rare though that, when dog’s lick our faces, we might get an infection. But it would be unwise to ignore this fact.

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