How Can A Big Hospital Like This Charge This Amount For Just Urinating – Johnnie Hughes


Johnnie Hughes, host of Johnnie’s Bite and co-host of TV3’s New Day show today, Wednesday, October 12, 2022 lashed at a major hospital in Accra for their outrageous prices they made their patients pay when visiting the urinal. With the high cost of living, price of services has also increased urinal services. However, the question is should public institutions also charge for these services.

Johnnie raised issues about the prices of using the toilet at the 37 Military Hospital. According to Johnnie, the doctors at the hospital keep advising patients to drink water and be healthy and yet they charge huge amounts from the patient. Johnnie revealed that he got his tip off from someone at the hospital who revealed that urinating costs 1 cedi while using the water closet costs 5 cedis.

Johnnie raised questions as to whether some big men at the hospital are behind the charging for the cost of using the lavatory. As a big hospital like the 37 Military Hospital, are patients expected to pay when they go for checkup or diagnoses. One interesting point to make is whether Ghanaians made to pay at all hospitals in general or this is one of the unique places where patients are made to dish out money to use a facility?

“37 Military Hospital. You are sick and at your lowest. You get to a military hospital and you are charged 5 cedis to ease yourself and 1 cedi to pee. The water itself that you will buy and drink itself is 50 pesewas but the pee place is 1 cedi. They tell us to drink more water and you drink 50 pesewas water and go and pee for 1 cedi” Johnnie Hughes explained

In most places it costs 1 cedi for the urinal and about 2 cedis for the water closet usage. It is funny how come the 37 Military Hospital charges 5 cedis rather. Is it the case that some people at the hospital are using this center to enrich their pockets or the prices are normal for any center that renders these services?

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