I Don’t Do Fashion I Am The Fashion Trend – Grand P


Appreciating yourself is the best thing you can do to help yourself and accept how you have been created. Life may not give you what you want but you can choose what enters your world.

One of Africans best musicians and diminutive stature, Grand – P is affectionately known by this name in the music industry and has caused a stir with his recent post on Instagram. The millionaire musician was seen wearing a winter coat that seems to be bigger and longer than his height with this caption, “I don’t do fashion, I am the fashion trend.” This has sparked a lot of reactions on the internet. I think Grand – P is an amazing figure, whose natural stature teaches us a lot to understand and appreciate your formation because God makes no mistakes.

The award-winning musician and brand ambassador perhaps is accepted by the masses worldwide because of his stature, and what he does best. Well, complete statures sometimes struggle for exposure but it favours Grand – P’s type of form. God is all-knowing.

What can you say about Grand – P? Thank you for reading.

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