I started working as a prostitute at age 14 to support my siblings – 22-year-old cries on set


Abena Duah is the eldest female among three children neglected by her father. They lived with their father’s sister, but she could not handle the burden of three. 

As a result, Abena and her siblings moved to their grandparents’ house, but the situation was no different, and as the eldest female, she became responsible for her siblings. 

In an interview on Ghetto Life Story, the 22-year-old disclosed that she left Swedru for Accra with two friends to work. Eventually, “we met a girl here who told us she makes making sleeping with men. She convinced us to join her, and we did.

I was 14 years then. Some men pay GHS15 or GHS20. I thought I could do the sex work and save money to start a business back home. So that my siblings and I would have a source of income,” she said while crying softly. 

Abena Duah told SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami that she regrets her choice of work. Abena indicated that she would quit the sex work once she finds support.

“I’m ready to leave this place if I get the support. I want o start a soap business in Swedru,” she said. 

Speaking on life in Kokomba, the young woman noted that it is full of youths smoking, drinking, stealing, and prostitution. She confessed to smoking weed, etc. 

Moreover, Abena disclosed some of the dangers of sex work besides health risks. According to Abena Duah, a client almost killed her for money rituals. She added that some men threaten them with knives after sex.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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