If Your Backside Weren’t Deteriorating You Wouldn’t Have Removed it; Reaction As TV3 Share This Post


Massive reactions as TV3 station shares a post of a Kenya model who undergone surgery to remove her deteriorating fake heavy backside.

Acccording to the post that tv3 news updated on their verified Facebook handle, it reveals that a beautiful young lady who happens to be between the age of 30 to 40 years declared publicly that, she actually appreciate life now after she found herself in a very difficult situation which could have eradicated her life from the surface of the earth forever, but that did not happen because God loves her so much than she can ever imagine.

She added that she is very lucky to be living among human beings because, after she had successfully accomplished her mission of getting heavy backside, she thought that was all and nothing bad could ever happen to her. But no, as time passes by, she released that her fake heavy backside was deteriorating. And so she quickly went for medical assistance and God being so good all the time, the doctors were able to remove the fake heavy backside.

And today, she is telling the whole world especially the ladies who are trying and thinking of getting heavy backside through surgery or changing any part of their bodies, should read her experience and mistakes and make sure that they choose the right path and not the wrong path that she followed many years ago.

I’m lucky to be alive. God loves me so much. I’ve come to appreciate life and never take things for granted. For those who have been thinking of getting booty surgery or changing anything on their bodies, this might change your mind”.

After the post had reached on TV3 news official Facebook account, many fans and followers of TV3 quickly took to the comment section and expressed their views about the confession of the Kenyan model and her advice.

Gariba Idi wrote that, the decision that the Kenyan model made is as a result of wisdom and understanding. Infact, God really loves you, he added.

Carolina korkor also wrote that, the decision that do she made is a good one, and for that matter everybody should love him or her self first.

Ohemaakhunu Kweku Emmanuel also added that, if indeed the fake heavy backside that the Kenyan model worn was not deteriorating, she wouldn’t have removed it.

Without much i do, kindly scroll down to see the post and the comment of the people below;

What is your take on the advice that the Kenyan model has revealed?

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