Let’s Continue To Dispel The Lies Of The NDC: Dennis Miracles Aboagye Makes Brilliant Corrections


Dennis Miracles Aboagye has grown into one the infallible mouthpiece of the New Patriotic Party [NPP] with his thoughtful assertions and pronouncements on government policies and achievements.

His new statement on Facebook with a supporting video he posted in debunking many acclaimed lies he said were been projected by the opposition NDC.

He said: let’s continue to dispel the age-long lie and falsehood put out by the National Democratic Congress [NDC] and tell our side of the story without mincing words.

As I keep saying, we have major challenges with the cedi and inflation but we have done far better in all other sectors like education, health, energy, social services, social interventions, roads, Industry, etc.

Under no circumstances should we permit it under our watch and we must not allow the opposition to push that under the carpet with lies and falsehood.

We have a responsibility to tell our story the same way they tell the lies and then allow our citizens to make an informed decisions. Slowly but steadily we shall rise he concluded.


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