Mahama calls for ‘big’ US investment in Africa after ‘slavery’


Former President John Dramani Mahama is advocating a Marshall Plan for Africa to enable the continent to become a force to reckon with when it comes to trade and development.

“After slavery I think there should be a Marshall Plan,” he said on VOA’s Straight Talk Africa on Wednesday, October 12.

“Slavery affected the continent very adversely and I do believe that if a Marshall Plan was put up and we got the right leadership and we do the kind of things we are doing, we can create a decent existence for our people.”

A Marshall Plan, named after former US Secretary of State George Marshall, was a recovery programme instituted by the United States to aid Europe after the Second World War. It spanned a five-year period, from 1948-1952.

Mr Mahama said Africa should be made a beneficiary of a similar programme given the extent of poverty left in the wake of slavery.

He was, however, upbeat that the continent remains the most promising for trade and investment, advocating more aid to shore this up.

“I have confidence that Africa is the next emerging continent and it’s going to be the next frontier for investment and business.”

Describing the current intra-Africa trade as “ridiculous”, the former Ghanaian President advocated a 50 percent trade among nations “to multiply the benefits within the continent”.


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