Must We Sleep Naked Or With Clothes On


Consider sleeping naked and sleeping with clothes on, which would you rather prefer? Given that sleeping nude can improve both temperature regulation and sensory cues, you may find that it can improve your sleep quality. Study even suggests that lowering the body’s temperature by sleeping nude, is sure to help reduce the number of times a person may wake up at night.

Though comparing sleeping with clothes on, you will find that it’s quite uncomfortable at times. Covering the body with clothing, provides it with heat. And will therefore make you sweat when sleeping. Other than that, it also prevents the body from getting too cold from the cool temperature of the night.

Nonetheless, whether or not to sleep with or without clothes, totally depends on your preference. If you feel comfortable sleeping with clothes on then go for it. And if you prefer sleeping nude as well, do as you please. Either way, feeling comfortable is what’s best in having a good sleep.

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