NPP Social Media Activist Roasts Oliver Barker Vormawor


A well known NPP social media activist has taken a swipe at Lawyer Oliver Barker Vormawor for merely requesting to be accompanied to an Accra High Court tomorrow, 13th October, 2022 to answer a charge of treason felony preferred against him by the state.

It would be recalled that Mr Barker Vormawor was arrested and remanded into police over certain posts alleged to have been made by him on Facebook which were believed to be considerable threats to the political stability of Ghana.

Whereas many lambasted Mr Vormawor over these alleged posts, some strongly believed that it was absolutely unnecessary for the state to have committed so much resources in “showing Oliver where the power lies” since Mr Barker Vormawor had only set out to demand for the right things to be done in the country.

The state however has not relented on its efforts to get Mr Vormawor punished for those unsavory comments that are alleged to have been made by him on Facebook.

Mr Barker has also refused to be cowed into absolute docility by what he believes and has always suggested is a clear intimidation by the state against him. He continues to criticise when he feels it is necessary to do so.

On Facebook today, Mr Barker, who owns and operates the Facebook account, Aisha Osagyefo Oliver Barker-Huang wrote, “Tomorrow, I appear in Court in Accra (at the High Court Complex near Tema Station) on Treason Felony Charges at 9am. I want 100 people to come with me”.

This post seemed not to have sat well with Don Paino Mallam, a known NPP activist on the social media platform. Don Paino hesitated not in giving an offensive response to the post by Mr Barker.

Don Paino quizzed why people would leave their productive activities to follow Mr Barker to court and if that was the situation in UK, where Oliver Barker trained as a lawyer. He emphatically stated that nobody was going to accompany Mr Barker to court.

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