Paul Adom Otchere Throws ‘Support’ Behind Agradaa And Says Police Will Find It Hard To Prosecute Her


Paul Adom Otchere, host of Good evening Ghana has waded into the alleged issue of Agradaa defrauding some people in her church. Over the weekend there were a number of complains that some members had been deceived to give out their monies with the hope of getting it doubled. Their expectations didn’t materialize and this led to some agitations.

As Ghanaians continue to debate about the issue, Paul Adom Otchere has added his voice to what happened. According to Paul, the victims are solely to be blamed for what happened. He questioned why people are calling on the Police and state to deal with Agradaa. Paul cited an example with Matthew Ashimolowo who during ICGC’s Greater Works called on congregants to give $1000 and expect a miracle in the next 24 hours.

Paul mentioned that what Ashimolowo did at Greater Works is not different from what Agradaa did because it all came down to whether the worshippers will agree and donate monies or not. Paul mentioned that Agradaa didn’t scam the victims but rather she made an appeal and the congregants who should have known better also fell victim.

“There is freedom of worship. People can worship anything they want and anyhow they want. If your worship tenet requires you pay money or succumb to money temptation that it will be doubled and you do it and it goes bad, what should our state police do? We have get to the situation where we understand that indiscretion cannot be protected by the state police. You have to learn your lesson” Paul Adom said.

Paul explained that with such a case it will be difficult for the state to prosecute Agradaa or refund ones to the victims because she never forced them to pay anything. She only made a statement and the people believed and gave out monies. Paul wondered if all those who donated at Greater Works got a miracle after 24 hours and why no complaint had been made about Ashimolowo.

Agradaa is expected to reappear in court tomorrow. Ghanaians will be watching to see what will happen. Many Ghanaians are calling for her to be jailed. Others say her victims should be arrested as well. Do you agree with Paul?

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