Poor Vision In Children: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment


The health of children is very delicate. It is sometimes very difficult to tell if the child has a problem with his or her health.

One of the delicate parts of every human being is the eye. It is important to note that issues with the eye deserve immediate attention.

According to a reputable doctor of optometry, eye care for every human being should be taken seriously as early as childbirth.

It is important to visit the paediatric optometrist when an infant’s eye discolours or releases yellowish fluids.

Eye problems in children who are above two years may sometimes be difficult to detect when there are no symptoms clearly showing on their eyes.

At 2 to 3 years, these children may not be able to read the alphabet and so using that to check if they can see is cumbersome.

Poor vision in children may be hereditary or genetic. It can also be a result of physical harm or damage to the eye.

How can you know that your child may be having problems with the eye?

Symptoms of poor vision in children may include when child prefers to sit too close to the TV Ir gets teary in the sunlight.

Other signs may include different colours other than the black pupil, frequent eye-rubbing and avoidance of vision-based activities such as colouring.

It is always advisable to seek early treatment when you notice these signs about your child.

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