Should Ghana Send Add Local Players To Recieve The Benefits From FIFA?


According to the Mirror UK, clubs will receive $10,000 per player for every day they are at the World Cup as part of the FIFA benefits programme.

Based on this, should Otto Addo seriously consider adding one or two Ghana Premium League players to the tournament, knowing that no serious team will use all 26 players? Just so that the local economy can benefit? 

The FA should NOT force the coach, but remember: whichever locally based player goes to Qatar will be there for at least 12 days (which is when the group stage ends on December 2). 

$10,000 x 12 days = $120,000.

This amount is FIVE TIMES what the winner of the GPL (Asante Kotoko) won as prize money, which was GHS 250,000. 

This makes great sense! Inasmuch as the coach should be allowed to select independently, circumstances like this offers the perfect opportunity to raise money for the clubs. Who knows, this money might be useful in their quest to perform better in Africa.

On the other side

Any player who is sent to the world cup must equally have the same chance to play based on the qualities the coach requires.In as much as there is the need to boost the local economy by sending some number of local players, we should be mindful about their quality.

Anything can happen and these players may be needed to play some games. Players must gain a call up on merit and not on any other consideration.

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