VIDEO: Ghanaian Lady Narrates How A Taxi Driver And Passenger Stole Her Phone In Accra


A young Ghanaian lady probably between the ages of 20 and 30 years old has narrated how a taxi driver and a passenger stole her mobile phone and many social media users after coming across this video couldn’t keep mute over it. Speaking in the video, she was going to do something at Atomic junction so she picked a taxi from her junction. She was standing at her junction when this taxi arrived with a guy sitting in the back seat. She wanted to sit in the front because nobody was sitting there.

However, the driver opened the back seat for her. According to her, she should have been smart that the driver had bad intentions but something told her that she is just coming from behind so she should just sit at the back. After sitting in the car, the driver told her that she has not closed the door beside her well. So she opened the door and closed it again. The driver still told her that the door beside her is not properly closed.

The lady saw that the ‘rubber thing’ covering the edges of the door had come off. The driver told her that it is because of the ‘rubber thing’ that is why she is not able to close the door well. So she should fix it well. The lady said that she put her bag beside her and started fixing it. She was struggling so the driver told the guy to assist her to do it because he is a man. The guy started assisting her to fix this ‘rubber thing’ and they were able to fix and closed the door.

The driver then said that the door is properly locked now. However, after getting to Rawlings Circle, the passenger told the driver, “I said I am going to UPSA and not atomic junction”. The driver told the lady that he is very sorry and that since Atomic Junction is a few metres drive from where they are, she should take another car. The driver didn’t take any money from her so she got down. She check the seat she was sitting in and realized that she has left nothing.

After the car left, something told her to check her and see if something is missing. She checked the back and saw that her mobile phone is not inside. She decided to take a taxi to UPSA maybe the taxi works at the station and search for her phone. She got to the UPSA station and narrated the story to the taxi drivers there who told her that they are very sorry. What happened in the taxi was a trick to steal from her. They have done that countless times to students of UPSA.

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