Visual Display Network Review Of Eddard Tagoe’s Short-Film ‘Addictive’: The high-life Chronicles, Addresses Substance Abuse


Visual Display Network Review Of Eddard Tagoe’s Short-Film ‘Addictive’: The high-life Chronicles, Addresses Substance Abuse

Ghanaian Digital Marketing sensation, Gorbachev Awuah known popularly known as Rems Over together with his Co-panel, Majesty Twin on their online Television show, Visual Display Network have made a review of the recently discharged short film titled Addictive’:The high-life Chronicles.

Drug abuse is universal and it has destroyed and still taken many lives especially the youth in our communities. To shine a light on this topic, Edward Tagoe, the poet, has produced an animation on drug abuse based on true life events to educate and motivate people, especially the youth.

The animation Addictive: The high-life Chronicles depicts Kwame Donn, the main character going on a journey through the highs and lows of his addiction to marijuana.

Marijuana – his love made Kwame feel like a god, but he wanted more. The detrimental effects that drugs were having on his mental, physical and spiritual health allowed him to re-examine his life choices.

As Kwame goes through the daily emotions of being above the influence, he shares his experiences of the recovery process. Through self-intervention, he was able to admit his problem and sought help through counseling/therapy.

Can he overcome this obstacle?

These daily journal entries inspire and educate those who are suffering from the disease of addiction to self-reflect and seek help. The author narrates the dangers of self-destructive actions due to substance (drugs and alcohol ) use, misuse, and abuse.

Speaking in an interview, Edward Tagoe said he decided to tackle drug Abuse because he realized how fast drugs are ruining the lives of many.

According to Tagoe, this is his little contribution to ending drug abuse and he is proud of the comments he’s received because many people admit to relating to the story.

“I want to see people in good health, strive to achieve more in life, and also, build better habits. I have no regrets at all putting together this motivational art piece. There is more coming but for now, I want Ghanaians to pay attention to my latest work which is receiving good responses on YouTube.”

Edward Tagoe is a multi-talented content but he is also. Not only is he a writer, but he is also an artiste manager and a business owner in the United States.


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