What Happened After I Impregnated A Student Five Years Ago – Man Shares


A 34-year-old man recalls what happened after he impregnated a student 5 years ago. The man explained that he met his 23 years old fiance named Patience Fodjuor when she was a student five years ago. They started a relationship but the girl got pregnant with him while she was still in school. Although his parents were furious about the way he impregnated the young girl at the age of 18 but he kept begging them for forgiveness and promised to take care of her.

The man said that the girl had to drop out of school and give birth. He too performed her knocking ceremony before she came to stay with him and also helped her begin to learn hairdressing. The man claims they now have three children but Patience’s attitude changed months later, she no longer did the housework, he had to clean the house and wash their clothes while she was lying in bed. The worst of it was that she started chatting with another guy all the time.

One day, he texted a man his fiance was talking to, warning him to stay away from the young lady but she didn’t change. She began to spend most of her nights in various nightclubs with men without returning home. He tried to advise his fiance about it, but she used to sleep at different places without telling him and came home the next morning drunk. The man stated that he informed her in-laws about it but they did nothing about it.

A week later Patience went out with his friends again and came home in the middle of the night, he too got angry didn’t let her sleep in the room. The young lady began to make noise and insult him, and she angrily had a fight with their landlord’s son at that time. It was at that point that his in-laws came to the scene and sent their daughter home until morning. The lady again came to pick up the their kids and she doesn’t allow them to go to school while he paid their tuition fees. The man is pleading with Patience to come back home for the sake of their children.

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