Why I Agreed To Date A Married Man Years Ago – Lady Narrates


A lady called Bernice narrated the reasons why she agreed to date a married man years ago. According to the lady she travelled to Ashaiman to work to get a future. One fateful day, she met Aziz who proposed to her and promised to provide all the things she wants in life. Aziz was a middle aged man and suspects him to be a married man so she asked about his marital status.

He also revealed to her that he is married with children but his wife doesn’t show him the respect he needed and don’t care for the kids he with another woman, so he has decided to get a divorce and get married to her in other to become a happy man again. Bernice said she felt sorry for the man’s problems he was facing in his marriage so she agreed to date him and also make him happy.

A few months later, Aziz persuaded her to use her savings to help him buy a taxi. Because of her love for him, she gave him the money to purchase taxi but Aziz didn’t work with the car for a long time before he sold it but he didn’t give her the money. The lady added that Aziz’s behavior changed within a few months, he started arguing with her at the workplace over trivial matters and this behavior led to her boss firing her.

She decided to return to her hometown, but the married man convinced her to use her remaining savings to rent a house, promising to pay it back when he sold his land. She listened to him and the two lived together in the room she rented and again helped him buy land and start building his house.

A few months later she conceived for the Aziz, he cared for her throughout her pregnancy period but two months after given birth her boyfriend stopped taking care of her and said he was unemployed. One morning due to her hardships she went to the roadside to begs for money and on the way back she met her boyfriend who also gave her 50 GHC, that was the last one money she got from Aziz.

The lady said she found a job in a nearby town to support herself, but Aziz again asked her to come back to him, and she did, but when her rent was due, the man promised to get her another place to stay but he didn’t. Bernice claims she got angry, went to work his workplace, stripped naked and dragged herself on the floor and cursed him for not renting the room for her and don’t want take care of her.

Bernice went on saying that her landlord evicted her from the house still Aziz didn’t bother himself to rent another room for her. The lady claimed she is no longer interested in the relationship with the marriage man but she wants him to pay her Ghc8,340 she used to helped him when they got into the relationship.

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