Why I Decided Not To Have Affair With Any Man Again Before I Get Married – A Widow Tells


A 39-year-old widow who lost her husband 7 years ago explains why she decided not to sleep with any man before she gets marriage again. According to the woman, she married her husband for many years ago and had 4 children. Unfortunately the man fell ill and died 7 years ago. She tried and perform all the widow’s rites before thinking of getting married again.

But she decided not to have intimacy with a man again unless she is legally married because most of the men take advantage of women who has kids, sleep with them and later dumped them for another person. Although many men came to propose to her but they all wanted to have sexual encounter with her before they will marry her but she didn’t agree to any of them.

This woman said that she worked hard to cater for her kids but she starting to feel unwell and had sleepless night a few months ago, she went to the hospital but the doctors found nothing wrong in her. When she came home, she had a constant burning sensation in her chest. She went to a church for prayers but the pastor revealed to her that her sister-in-law had cursed her.

The man God asked her to pay Ghc400 before he can help her revoke the curse but she was not able to pay that amount. The widow claims she come home very sad because she hasn’t found a solution to her problem. She consulted another pastor and he revealed to her that she is not cursed, but she was sick and needed God’s intervention before she could be cured. The pastor tried his best to help her yet she has not recovered. The mother is asking for help in healing as well as marrying a man.

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