You Are ‘Misleading’ Ghanaians With This Document – Kwesi Pratt Boldly Tells Reverend Minister


Kwesi Pratt, managing editor of the Insight newspaper and Ntim Fordjour, MP for Cape Coast South, Deputy Minister of Education and Minister with the VBCI Higher Heights Sanctuary joined Randy Abbey on Good Morning Ghana today, Wednesday, October 12, 2022. One of the major discussion points was education and also on girls’ education. Yesterday was celebrated around the world as the International Day of the Girl Child.

According to Ntim Fordjour, the NPP under Akufo-Addo have improved the standard of education. He cited a number of statistics to show that the NPP have done well to improve the education of girls. He read from a document how free education has been a game changer and noted that about a quarter of a million girls aged between 66-14 years haven’t been to school. He also mentioned that 80,000 girls between 12-17 years are either married or cohabiting with men.

Ntim stated that this was a better statistic when compared to what the NPP came to meet. Kwesi Pratt however disagreed that this is a better statistic. According to him the document isn’t about improved girl child education but rather statistics on only girls. He explained that if this was information to show how the NPP have improved the girl child education then they should have compared it to boys so Ghanaians see real comparison and not just a one sided.

“Randy, the honorable deputy minister is misleading us. You are misleading us. This is not about equality. The statistics we have there is nothing in it about equality. So does those who haven’t been to school about parity? It is your own creation. This document is to show the number of females within an age category who are not in school and married or living with a man” Kwesi explained

Ntim Fordjour wasn’t pleased that he had been accused of deceiving the public and tried to rebut all that Kwesi Prat said. With tempers flaring Randy Abbey stepped in and called on Ntim Fordjour to calm down and leave Kwesi Pratt to make his point.

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