10 Heavenly Names You Can Give Your Child


Finding the ideal name for your child is a crucial task. Because the baby’s personality and character will be defined by the name you choose. I always advise parents to follow their gut instinct when deciding on a baby name. Since your child’s guardian angels will guide you choose the appropriate name. I’ll give you ten of the most potent celestial names in this list. The names of angels and archangels are listed here.

If you choose to name your child after a celestial entity, the angel will look out for and guard the child during his or her entire life. Therefore, choose wisely.

10 Celestial Names:

1. Ambriel – originally known as the intellectual capacity angel. His presence brings peace and clarity to the mind. The angel of learning, comprehension, and study is Ambriel.

2. Aniel – The meaning of his name is “The God Of All Virtues.” He is the angel of changing ingrained behaviors. Angel Aniel also helps in the eradication of painful memories and feelings.

3. Ariel – The Little Mermaid typically comes to mind. But this name does belong to an archangel. The angel of insights and discernment, she is.

4. Caliel – The Invokable God” is what this name implies. He is also the angel of justice and truth. As a result, he battles for justice and exposes the truth. He encourages individuals to uphold God’s laws and will.

5. Daniel – “God The Merciful Judge” is what this name means. The angel of eloquence, he is. Daniel also offers motivation and inspiration. He supports your ability to make wise choices in life.

6. Gabriel – “God Is My Strength” is what this name indicates. Among the four archangels, he is one. The Messenger of God is Gabriel. In addition to Judaism and Islam, he is significant in Christianity (Jibril).

7. Hanael – The Joy Of God is the meaning of this name. The angel of the air, he is. The angel that breathes life into a person’s body is called Hanael. Additionally, he represents inspiration and movement.

8. Michael – He Who Is Like God is the meaning of his name. The principal angel, he is. He is a fighter as well. He also command the Heavenly Army. Michael the Archangel is the greatest defender against evil.

9. Ophaniel – His name translates to “The Ruler Light Of All Existence.” He represents the moon and the stars as an angel. The angel of light is Ophaniel. He makes God’s light shine in our hearts.

10. Raphael – His name is a reference to “The Healing God.” The archangel of healing, he is. The angel of healing is Raphael. He has several appearances in the Bible as a healer. additionally as the defender of travelers.

Only these ten celestial names strike me as strong and appealing. However, the Guardian Angels and Archangels sections have a lot more. Additionally, you can learn more about angels and archangels to choose from.

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