Dzigbordi Explains Why Teiya Deserves The Crown; Shares Beautiful Photos To Celebrate Her


Ghana Most Beautiful Judge, Dzigbordi has said that Dramani Teiya deserves this year’s edition of the Ghana Most Beautiful show due to her composure, delivery and fearlessness.

In a Facebook post, Dzigbordi said Teiya should wear her crown because she earned it. She said the crown fits her well.

“You wear your crown. And you wear it well, Teiya. Congratulations on winning GMB2022. I admire you in so many ways: your fearlessness, eloquence, thoughtfulness, resilience and maturity. But even more, your powerful voice, command of the stage, and connection to the audience is what would take your into rooms where you’d make real changes to society.

All the best with your career and future ventures! I can’t wait to see what you come out with. I can’t wait to see how the future unfolds. I just know that it will be better because of you” she wrote about her.

This year’s edition of the Ghana Most Beautiful show ended on 9th October with Teiya from the northern region emerging as the ultimate winner. Many have congratulated her for such a feat

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