Ghana’s Inflation Rate Increase From 33.9% To 37.2%


The Ghana Statistical Service reports that the nation’s inflation rate for September was 37.2%. The rate has climbed, according to the GSS, from 33.9% in August 2022 to 37.2% in September 2022. This represents a monthly increase of 2.0 percent above the 33.9 percent reported in August 2022.

However, the rate is 37.2% higher now than it was in September 2021. Inflation rose by 2.2 percentage points year over year between August and September of 2022.

Inflation rates for domestically produced items were 35.7% and for imported goods were 40.7%. The West experienced the highest food inflation rate (47.0%), while the East experienced the highest non-food inflation rate (42.0%).

The Eastern Region recorded the highest rate of inflation (41%), followed by the Western Region (40%) and the Greater Accra Region (39%).

While transportation experienced the highest rate of inflation (68.7%) in the Eastern Region, fish and other seafood experienced the highest rate (64.0%) in the Western Region.

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