GIMPA law students on warpath with Dean


The Law Students Association (LSA) of GIMPA Law School is raising concerns about the recent action of the Dean of the Law Faculty, Dr Kwaku Agyeman-Budu, in not only suspending all activities of the Association but also locking up its office.

The issue is said to be related to the election of new executives.

Dr Agyeman-Budu is said to have assured students that a committee will be duly constituted to hear and determine an election petition submitted by an aggrieved aspirant.

According to the students, as of last Wednesday, no indication from the Dean on the said committee or the way forward has been received.

They complained again that the Dean instructed his Secretary to take the keys of the LSA office from the executives, promising to relocate it.

Interestingly, the Dean has also instructed the Security at the law faculty not to grant the LSA a car parking space at the faculty Administration car park,” the LSA President, Festus Matey, stated in an update to all law students at GIMPA.

These developments in a Law School where we are trained to know the law, live the law, advocate the law and defend the law are rather worrying and raises a lot of questions.”

Despite assuring students to remain calm, the executives say they will ensure that the right thing is done to protect the will of the students.


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