GMB 2022: Queen Teiya Says She Was Awake All Night Watching Her Crown



Queen Teiya, the winner of the 2022 Ghana’s Most Beautiful, said she suffered from insomnia after being crowned the queen of the year. Northern Region’s pride told Giovani on the 3FM Drive that she laid awake throughout the night stirring at the crown when she got home.

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Teiya revealed on 3FM Drive: “I was looking at the crown, Giovani. I put the crown on my pillow, and I spread the sash, and I coiled myself to one side of the bed( just to admire it)”.

Teiya also said that despite receiving a prophecy before the event, she put in sweat, blood, and tears to make sure the word of God in her life would manifest.


She believes that prophesy without hard work is useless.

“I was putting in my work and praying a lot because prophecies do come, but you have to work hard. I wouldn’t have mentioned it if you didn’t see the video.”

Teiya promised to join forces with the two other finalists ( Aiko and Aseidua) from the GMB house to form a sisterhood with the singular aim of embarking on projects and forcing change in the country.

“You all should watch out for the three of us. We’ll be supporting each other. We are going to build a sisterhood that you will love so much,” she echoed.


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