I Am A Born-Again Christian, My Spirit Wasn’t Comfortable When I Visited Her – Agradaa’s Lawyer


Captain (rtd) Nkrabea Effah Dartey, a private attorney, has disclosed that he is no longer serving as Evangelist Mama Pat, also known as Nana Agradaalegal ,’s counsel in court. The troubled lady of God, who organized an all-night service last Friday, is currently being held by authorities on suspicion of scamming her church’s members.

After a video taken on the grounds of her church went viral on social media, Nana Agradaa gained new press attention. The claimed victims claim that Nana Agradaa requested them to bring their money so she could give them a double share of it, but she never did.

The attorney clarified that he decided to stop defending Nana Agradaa because he was uncomfortable. He admitted that going to Nana Agradaa’s house had helped him see that as a born-again Christian, his spirit did not support his behavior.

Speaking to Kofi Adoma of Kofi TV fame, Agradaa took him as a lawyer few weeks ago. He added that his spirit wasn’t okay but felt uncomfortable with her environment as he placed her a visit because he is a born-again Christian.

As a result, he has resigned from being her lawyer. Currently charged with two charges of defrauding under false pretenses, Nana Agradaa is scheduled to appear in court, today, October 13, 2022.

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