I don’t want to see my parents, they pushed me into the street life – a 29-year-old reveals


Trader Nana Akua Sika has disclosed that she lived with her grandmother until sixteen years when she was introduced to her biological mother. However, the reception she got from her mother pushed her onto the street while a teenager. 

According to Nana Akua, she has never met her father but only heard about him. Akua revealed that her mother mistreated her because of a feud her parents had. 

Speaking on the feud her parents had, Nana Akua noted that her father did not accept the pregnancy and “doing it alone caused her a lot of pain. They (family) told me that my mother would leave me behind in a room while she was away.”

In an interview on SVTV Africa, the 29-year-old mentioned that she has no desire to see her parents because she believes that she would not have ended up in the ghetto if her mother acknowledged her. 

“I want to use this opportunity to tell mother that if you have different baby daddies, don’t pit the children against each other. I’m the firstborn, but my mother never listened to me. My younger siblings did not respect me either. 

I stayed with other people while my mom was alive. I sold pure water to make a living until I moved to Accra. I have no concern for my parents,” she revealed. 

Speaking on the lifestyle she picked in the ghetto, Akua indicated that she smokes hashish, but in small quantities to boost her appetite. 

She advised the youth to be wary of whom they befriend and encouraged them to hardworking and avoid pursuing the ghetto life. 

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