I Fell In Love With The Grace With Which You Carried Yourself- Dzigbordi


After 13 weeks of performances, the GMB2022 contest had its Grand Finale at the National Theatre. Readers can recall that Northern Region’s Teiya came first, Oti Region’s Aiko came second and Asiedua came third. One of the judges, Dzigbrdi, shared with her fans who Asiedua, the 2nd -runner up is.

Dzigbordi provided reasons why Central Region’s Asiedua deserved her position as the second runner-up.

” From the moment you got on that stage, I fell in love with the grace with which you carried yourself. And throughout your time in the house, you were continuously graceful and beautiful in every sense of the word. Congratulations on being the second runner-up”.

From the remark of Dzigbordi, she was impressed with how Asiedua managed her impressions. Could that be the reason why Asiedu excelled at this year’s contest?

Is it not exciting to hear such fine words from the GMB Judge about Asiedua? What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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