I smoke because of my painful past – woman reveals


Doreen Agyapomaa has disclosed that she resorted to smoking because of her painful past. 

Speaking on her past, Doreen revealed that her brother-in-law raped her while living with her sister, but her family covered it up and asked her to leave for her grandparents. 

Doreen indicated that she fled at age 14 and has never been supported by her family since her mother passed. She stated that the ill-treatment from her family, besides the rape, pushed her into the streets. 

“The first time, my brother-in-law touched me inappropriately, but the next time he did, it was rape. I told my sister about it, and she asked me to go and stay with other family members. 

I went back home after a year of living on the streets, but none of my family members accepted me. I never thought I’d have such a life. I cry whenever I’m sober,” she said on Ghetto Life Story. 

Doreen disclosed that she smokes weed, hashish, and other drugs. Moreover, she works as a prostitute to support herself because “I’ve never spent any family member’s money before, and I need to survive. I smoke because of the pains I’ve been through and my past.”

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