John Mahama Gives ‘Unexpected’ Answer In The US When Asked If He Will Contest In 2024 Elections


Last week former President John Mahama was in the United States to make a presentation at the Liberty University. Liberty University, the world’s largest Christian University is hosting hundreds of chief executives, political figures and athletes at the Second CEO Summit. The former President was awarded with a Global Award for Leadership.

John Mahama got the chance to speak to Hayde Adams, host of VOA’s Straight Talk Africa. The first question that was posed to John Mahama was whether he intends to return and contest in the 2024 elections. Many would have expected the former President to provide a clear answer but this didn’t happen. “Do you plan to run again?” Adams asked

“It is good to keep your enemies guessing and so even if I am not running I am not going to say I am not running. A decision will be taken early next year and that is when we will hold the party’s primaries for the presidential candidacy and we will see.” John Mahama said. The host kept pushing and asked if the former president is saying he can’t confirm or deny and John Mahama agreed and said he cannot confirm for now.

Even at a point in the line of questioning when John Mahama was asked what he and the NDC will do differently if he comes to power, the former president stayed clear from speaking about himself as a candidate. “ NDC comes not power, not I” John said.

Though it is no secret that John Mahama might lead the NDC in the next election, the former president seems to be playing the safe card to ensure that he stays within the tenets of his party dictates. According to John Mahama, Africa needs a Marshall Plan to save the continent. He explained that after the slave trade nothing was done to resuscitate the continent. He cited how the United States rolled out the Marshall Plan for Europe after the Second World War and said same financial relief is needed by Africa.

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