Morrison Records Bureau launch operations in Ghana


THE Morrison Records Bureau (MRB), a subsidiary of the US-based Morrison Corporation LLC, has launched its operations in Ghana.

The company, whose business will primarily be background check services, is Ghana’s first technology-driven background check company headquartered in Ghana.

Riding on the gains of the country’s digitisation agenda, the company seeks to address the challenges and limitations of credible background verification by employing state- of- the-art technological solutions.

At the launch in Accra last Wednesday in Accra, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MRB, Emmanuel Morrison, expressed MRB’s commitment to provide businesses and individuals with tailored, client-focused services that fully meet subscribers’ expectations of credibility.

He said the company’s unique selling proposition hinged on the leaders’ technical prowess in Information Technology (IT) with decades of experience in cyber security, digital identity consulting and software engineering.

According to him, technological interventions would address the manual and inefficient processes that yielded to integrity doubt.

The company’s services include verification or integrity checks in the areas of identity, education and work history, reference checks and criminal record checks.

Negligent hiring

The Country Director for Human Resource Certification Centre, Dr Jeff Bassey, said it was important that companies did the necessary background checks during recruitment to avoid the risk of being slapped with charges of negligent hiring.

“The law interestingly has not placed a requirement or a demand on any employer to do background investigations.

“However, you do not do so at your own disadvantage because of the negative consequences that come with not doing such background investigations,” he said.

He described MRB as a one-stop shop for background checks for employees and urged institutions to engage in their services.

“Companies such as MRB are experts in credible background verification and abreast of the latest technology with the legal requirement.

A lot of research has indicated that when employers do these verifications readily as against when they have to outsource some of these verification expert organisations, many of the time the employer gets it wrong either because he doesn’t have the expertise or doesn’t have that time,” Dr Bassey said.

Present at the launch were key stakeholders in background verification such as the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Prisons Service, Ghana Armed Forces, HRCI & Reliance Personnel Services, representing both security services and Human Resource (HR) practitioners.


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