‘Mum calm down, I’m paying your rent!’ Mom’s explicit rant goes viral after seeing her daughter’s OnlyFans photo


Thirty-two-year old reality TV star Morag Crichton first made a name for herself on the British instalment of “Married at first sight”.

Although things didn’t work out for her and paired up partner Luke Dawson, Morag moved on and amassed an army of fans, thanks to her social media platforms.

Now a TikTok star, she decided to expand her portfolio into OnlyFans and appears to be making a killing.

The only problem is that her mother wasn’t privy to her new business venture. That is until she mistakenly posted an OnlyFans photo on Facebook.

Sharing her mother’s reaction on TikTok, Morag was astounded at her foul-mouthed rant.



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Morag said she posted the raunchy pic on Facebook by mistake. But before realising it, the photo was seen by family, including her mother.

In a recorded conversation, her mom cold be hearing saying, “How long have you been doing this f****** topless thing?”

When Morag pretended to act as if she had no idea what her mother was talking about, she said: “You know what I mean, I’m not stupid.”

In her defence, Morag tried explaining that she was not topless because she was covering her bits. But her mom hit back, saying, “until they pay ya to take your f****** hand off”.

Her mother continued ranting off camera, probably unaware that she was being recorded.

The post quickly went viral, and according to dexerto.com, it had already received more than 275K views.

However, it was the comments that got most online users laughing.

“Mum calm down, I’m paying your rent,” one user joked.

“Show her your statement, she will end up doing it too,” said another.

One user even admitted to doing the same, adding: “I’ve done this so many times but luckily deleted fast enough for no one to see.”



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