My Brother Hired Five Men To Beat Me At Night For This Reason – A Man Narrates


A 39-year-old man named Karim recounted why his brother hired five men to beat him up at night after he built a shrine for his dwarfs. According to this man, his health was very good and he works hard to take care of his two wives and children. Four months ago, he was sick and went to the hospital for treatment, and the doctors diagnosed him with high blood pressure.

Even though he was given medication, he continued to feel pain in his chest. Karim said that he was suspicious of his illness, so he consulted a fetish priest who revealed to him that his deceased father worship dwarfs, and now he is no longer present, so they chose him to worship dwarfs. Karim claims that he did not accept this offer because he was interested in worship the dwarfs and the fetish priest performed the ritual on his behalf.

But when he returned home the dwarfs beat him for not agreeing to worship them. The man said he was not having any option than to agreed and began to worship these dwarfs. He was asked to slaughter sheep, and use hides and sits on it whenever he want to invite the dwarfs. Karim again said that he built a shrine and began to heal the sick with the help of dwarfs.

All this while his elder brother was aware of his condition, but one night he hired five men in their community to beat him up claiming that he is mentally ill that’s why he is worshiping the dwarfs. The following night, these five men again broke into his room, beats him with a stick and destroyed in his shrine. Karim stated that he was so upset with his brother for allowing those people to torture him in that way, after this incident he didn’t lose hope but continued to worship his dwarfs.

A week later, his brother hired the same people for the third time to beat him up with the intention of stopping him from consulting the dwarfs. Karim says that how his brother has been attacking him will not let him lose hope of stop this work but he will stay with them so that they will help him prosper in life. The man is currently seeking help to prevent his brother from attacking him for him to continue with his worshiping the dwarfs.

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