No Lump Goes Undetected With This Self Breasts Examination


I promised to teach you the best way to examine your breasts. Note that proper breasts examination cannot be done on just any day. If you do it on any random day and feel a lump, the cancer might have advanced.

The best time to examination your breasts is a few days before your period when your breasts are in their softest form. This way it will be easier to feel a lump, even if it’s small.

In front of a mirror expose your breasts and stand in front of it. Observe for any changes. Remember it’s normal for one breast to be bigger than the other, but it shouldn’t be too big. Aside that look for other changes. Changes in color, texture, skin, nipple size, just to mention a few.

Still in front of the mirror, put your hands on your waist and observe if you’ll see any any changes. Next, place your hands on your head(like that of the wailing position). Observe if you’ll see any changes. You’re doing this because gravity will push down any lump and make it visible in these positions.

Most people make this mistake in breasts examination, they exempt the head of the breasts which is in the armpit area. It’s very close to your collar bone.

Start from the head of your breast when examining. You can use the spiral method, the quadrant method, or any other method you know of.

With the spiral method you start massaging from the circumference of the breast towards the nipple, not forgetting the head of the breast. So you gently stroke from the circumference of the breast towards to nipple till you cover the entire breast. Squeeze the nipple for any discharge before moving to the next breast.

Note don’t use your finger tips, they won’t cover a greater area. Instead use the middle of your fingers to cover a greater area. After examining your breasts this way, repeat it again, but this time, with the breasts covered in oil or soap for better results.

The quadrant method is basically the same as the spiral method but this time, the breast is divided into four parts. The four parts include the head of the breast. You massage each quadrant till you cover the entire breast then you squeeze the nipple for any discharge. You repeat the process but this time with the breast covered in oil or soap.

Thank you very much for reading. See you in my next post

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