Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke By Eating These Four Superfoods Every Day


Arteries are the blood vessels that carry blood and oxygen from the heart to other parts of the body. Our lifestyle and diet can clog our arteries, leading to an increase in heart attacks and strokes. Some of the foods we consume every day can further block the arteries, and some superfoods also help unclogged arteries. You’ll find four of these superfoods that can help open up clogged arteries and prevent heart attacks in this article.


This nut is part of most superfoods and provides many health benefits to the human body. The components present in flaxseeds lower cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure levels as well as prevent blood clotting in the body which prevents attacks.

Green tea

According to studies, drinking green tea regularly helps to make the cardiovascular system healthier. Green tea contains heart-healthy polyphenols that can prevent heart attacks and strokes.


When blood vessels become inflamed it can lead to a decrease in the amount of nitric oxide that the body needs. Beetroot are high in nitrates that can help reduce inflammation in the body, while increasing nitric oxide and possibly preventing heart attacks and strokes.


Beans are known to be very rich in fiber that helps reduce plaque in the body and lower cholesterol, reducing blood pressure levels, and also helps in promoting heart health to prevent heart attacks.

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