Quite Amazing: Mallam Sham Una Predicts The Faith Of The Black Stars In Qatar World Cup


Mallam Sham Una had shown his displeasure with the group stage (group h) that FIFA fixed ghana in the upcoming world cup in Qatar (doha) 2022, especially when FIFA rescheduled the game from June to November 2022.

Even if almighty Germany which begins with the letter ‘G’ like Ghana is fixed in that group ‘H’ in this year 2022 it will need a serious spiritual backup before it can escape the group to the next stage because of the letter ‘G’ and ‘H’ they are parallel in the spiritual mathematical arithmetic realm.

However, if Ghana or any other country which begins with ‘G’ or any country with the letter ‘G’ which falls in the shoes of Ghana can escape the group ‘H’ it will make unlimited surprises in the World Cup. The rest is in the hands of God.

His prediction is simply pointing to more difficult group matches in the world cup but after qualifying from the group, the Black Stars stand a good chance of making a strange impact.

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