Today’s Well Organize Europa League Matches To Watch Out For


Istanbul BB vs FK Rigas Futbola Skola

Istanbul BB will host FK Rigas Futbola Skola for their second-leg match of the UEFA Europa League group stages. Istanbul BB has been doing well in the group. They have players that have proven to play very well. And if you compare both club squads, you will see that Istanbul BB has quality squad than FK Rigas Futbola Skola. The home team fans will come out in numbers to support their team Istanbul BB so this will boost the team to play and play very well against FK Rigas Futbola Skola. My best prediction for this match will be a straight win for Istanbul BB.

FK Partizan Belgrade vs FK Cologne

FK Partizan Belgrade really put up a superb performance against FK Cologne which makes them win the first leg. Looking at how strong FK Partizan Belgrade is, I think they will win this second leg too. I will tip you to go for a straight win for the home side of Belgrade.

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