WATCH: Best man refers to bride as ‘b***h’ during wedding speech


Wedding speeches can either have you laughing, crying or simply bored.

This best man’s speech was none of the above but certainly unforgettable.

A video of an unidentified best man giving a speech before toasting the bride and groom has left Reddit users appalled.

The video was posted in the ‘Wedding Shaming’ group with the headline: Narcissistic Grooms man Freestyles a Toast (Refers To Bride as “B*tch”).

In the clip, we see the groomsman, whose face has been blurred out, delivering his speech with one hand in his pocket. The names of the bride and groom were muted in the video as well.

He starts out by telling the guests about how he met the groom and comments on how he, at the time, “had a few flaws” – referring to the fact that the groom had a weight problem.

He continues to tell everyone how he, the groomsman, helped the groom lose weight.

“He came to me for some advice about personal training and how to, like, get into better shape and everything. And I ended up helping him lose, like, I think like 50, 60 pounds, something like that. And that really showed his commitment to being able to do things, you know,” said the best man.

He then goes on to talk about how he first met the bride.

Before meeting her in person, he stalked her on Instagram after the groom posted a picture of the two of them.

“And I think I did what any reasonable person would do. I stalked her Instagram! You know? And I immediately knew this b***h was too good for him,” he jokingly says in his speech.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he referred to her as a “b***h” again in his speech when he spoke about the first time he met her in person.

“But, I immediately knew when I first met – bride’s name – when she came over to my apartment, and she won a round of Fortnite in front of everybody, I knew, again… This b***h is too good for him,” he adds.

Reddit users were appalled by this, with one person commenting: “This guy managed to insult both the bride and groom while complimenting himself at their wedding. YIIIIKES!”

While another said: “Extremely uncomfy speech. I can tell he uses “bitch” colloquially, as do I, but bad time and place. Also, the whole fitness story left a bad taste in my mouth; it was just a way to compliment himself.”

Another offers his interpretation of the speech saying, “Translation: This dude was fat, and I made him un-fat. He met this woman, and I thought she would totally dig me. But she didn’t. And I don’t really understand why she didn’t go for me…because he WAS fat. And I’m what women want. (…why won’t you love me? b***h)”.



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